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What is Mulberry?

Mulberry has been used as a natural remedy and medicine for centuries. Many Asian countries make tea from the leaves of the mulberry. Mulberry also has significant importance to silk production because mulberry is the nutrient-dense food consumed by silkworms. Mulberry leaves are significantly balanced rich nutrient food with many benefits, which could possibly be as or more nutritional as vegetables.

Super Food Mulberry

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people and the environment through the benefits of Hawaiian nature. In cooperation with the University of Hawaii, we have established farming methods of mulberries that utilize blessings of Hawaiian water and sun only without any agrichemicals. We aim to help as many people as possible to achieve their healthiest life without depending on chemical medicines. Our goal is to spread Aloha spirit by way of our mulberry products to the world.

Please call or email us if you are interested in our mulberry products. Our new website with a shopping cart will be launched soon!!

Great Source of DNJ

The chemical structure of DNJ (deoxynojirimycin) is very similar to glucose. When disaccharide (alpha-glucosidase) is absorbed into your body, disaccharides will immediately start decomposing it. Then, when DNJ, which is very similar to glucose, comes into your body, disaccharides start decomposing DNJ instead. During the process, the excess of food you eat moves to your colon without being broken down into monosaccharides. Excess glucose gets discharged and excess nutrition is not consumed but necessary nutrition is absorbed. DNJ reduces the amount of glucose absorbed into your body by inhibiting disaccharides. This is why mulberry leaves containing DNJ is now highly recognized as a promising herb which can controls carbohydrate absorption.